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[28 Nov 2008|04:14pm]

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[13 Dec 2007|01:41pm]


Iron & Wine’s video “Boy with a Coin” premiered on mtvU this week:


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For Fans of Sebadoh (Sebadoh vs. Pavement) [28 Aug 2007|03:20pm]

I notice that on a lot of indie rock forums no one ever mentions Sebadoh, has anyone else noticed that? That alone kind of bugs me, but what bugs me even more is when people say how great Pavement was. I don't know why but in my head there is this competition between Sebadoh and Pavement. Like both bands started out kind of on the same level, came from a similar place, and were highly praised and recognized within the indie rock world as archetypes of their genre, but then at some point, I guess after Harmacy was released, lots of people sort of abandoned Sebadoh and embraced Pavement as the most important indie rock band of the 90's, leaving Sebadoh in the dust. And by the time "The Sebadoh" came out, people didn't even give the album half a chance before dismissing it as rubbish. It felt like the indie community was completely done with Sebadoh, while Pavement seemed to be the blessed sons who could do no wrong.
I actually used to really like Pavement but the more they were hailed as producing some of the best albums of the 90's and nobody even mentioned Sebadoh, the more I started to dislike them. Because frankly I don't think Steve Malkmus is as good or as interesting of a songwriter as Lou and he's not as likeable personality-wise to me either. He always seemed kind of arrogant and smug to me. Maybe my perception is just completely off about this. But I was wondering if anyone else feels this way about Pavement and Sebadoh.
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Rubyfruit Radio: indig.girls.music [11 Apr 2007|08:04pm]

Rubyfruit Radio is a free podcast (you don't need an ipod to listen) that features the best in female indie artists. Past artists featured on the show include Melissa Ferrick, Amy Ray, Edie Carey, Rilo Kiley, Kristen Hersh, The Gossip, Sleater Kinney, Ani Difranco, Catie Curtis, Dar Williams and many, many more.

Check it out at rubyfruitradio.com or better yet, subscribe for free using iTunes so you never miss an episode.
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SMP presented at SPY April 21, 2007 [02 Apr 2007|04:01pm]

Spy presents a special engagement for the black of heart.
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Spy Vs Spy [26 Mar 2007|01:51am]


Spy Audio/Visual in March includes a special LIVE electronic music showcase featuring:

Theory in Motion
Jacob London

Selections of visual artist Michael Stevenson's urban arcylics are on display, the dark and sexy photography of local artist Becky Woodward, and new creations from sculptor and Spy favorite Sven Peterson.

Girl Trouble Burlesque performs their newest show "Spy Vs Spy".

Seattle's only goth/experimental bellydance troupe, Hands of Kali, gives their first SPY performance. Much anticipated after the solo performance last month from founder Kendra Schmidt.

Spy Vs Spy!

Local DJs DANGER and Love Virus host the Spy edition of Heaven and Hell.
Love Virus hosts heaven in the upper studio with Mendicants, Ramiro, Ben Shelton, Jisaan, Dj Sloth, Noisemaker and Von Dewey.

In Hell: novaTRON, OMG, TM Anderson, DJ ILL, DANGER,
DJ Krass, and DJ Psyop.
(Hell has a hot tub too)

Both the gallery and the outdoor bar will be open, as well as the outdoor decks, with yes, bonfires.

Tickets: Presale $8 Door $15 Afterhours $5

Check out the Spy page for updates and info.

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In an effort to help revive... [07 Feb 2007|11:44pm]

So even though Rosie Thomas has left the Sub Pop label, has anyone else gotten "These Friends of Mine" online?
I do love it dearly- Rosie, Dennison and Sujan- there is no bad there.
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[06 Feb 2007|10:11am]
long shot....especially since this community seems dead...but does anyone have terry lee hale's "some girlfriend"?

i reallllllllyyyyyy need it

thanks a lot
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sorry about this being lame. [28 Jun 2006|12:37am]

ok so I don't know if this community is totally dead or what but I'll try it anyway
does anyone have either of Pleasure Forever's albums and wants to send them to me?
I love you forever?
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before the darkness falls [06 Apr 2006|11:50pm]


if you ask damien jurado, he'll tell you point blank that it's in the dark where you'll find us all. damien is an urban-folk singer storyteller, giving a steady balance of the saddest and darkest stories you've ever heard. its like eavesdropping on something that was never meant to be heard. its always best when its just him and the acoustic guitar. his voice is a theatrical instrument all in itself, a real natural depth mixed with tones of pure collectivity and beauty.

listen to this: amateur night


undercovered: what song did you listen to today over and over again?

wages of sin by damien jurado & rosie thomas

undercovered: what was it that got you?

xmusicisartx: the way their voices cried

i was running down that broken path
with the devil snapping at my heels
i tried so hard
so hard in every way
swore someday id grow up, just throw it all away

both living in seattle, rosie thomas and damien jurado made a duet of "wages of sin" for sub-pop's 2001 compilation badlands: a tribute to bruce springsteen. this song is quite simplistic in the sense that the two of them enjoy collaborating with each other, but after another listen, its hard to not notice each of their personalities sadly shining through and to feel what their giving -- magically it just works.

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a song request... [13 Mar 2006|01:24pm]

i'm thinking this might be a longshot...but...

in '98, subpop released a 7" single in their singles club by team dresch and longstocking. it's out of print.

does anyone have an mp3 of the longstocking song from that 7"? it's called "never nowhere."

PLEASE! thank you!
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Sleater-Kinney featured on Rubyfruit Radio [11 Mar 2006|10:34am]

Sleater-Kinney was featured on episode 33 of Rubyfruit Radio.

Rubyfruit Radio is a podcast devoted to female indie music.

Check it out at rubyfruitradio.com
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the elected interview [23 Feb 2006|07:32pm]


also of note:

interviews with Bell Orchestre (Sarah and Richard from Bell Orchestre)
BARR (on 5RC)
Man Man (former tourmates of Arcade Fire)

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Wears The Trousers [10 Jan 2006|04:12pm]

The new issue of Wears the Trousers is now online. It features an interview with Sub Pop's very own Rosie Thomas, and she also graces the cover.

She is the sweetest person in the world and her new record is beautiful - check out the magazine!

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[25 Dec 2005|10:24pm]

I just joined like... just now. Basically because I realised that I haven't heard a band from subpop that I don't like.

uhm, and I got Arlo 'Stab The Unstoppable Hero' for Christmas and it is fan-bloody-tastic.
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Rosie Thomas played on podcast [27 Nov 2005|09:34am]

Rosie Thomas was played on episode 6 of the Rubyfruit Radio podcast. Sleater Kinney and other female Sub Pop artists will be on future episodes.

The URL for Rubyfruit Radio is www.rubyfruitradio.com. The RSS address to subscribe to this podcast is http://rubyfruit.libsyn.com/rss.
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the baptist generals [30 Oct 2005|08:38pm]

i love sub pop. so i figured i better jump aboard. the baptist generals are amazing. i live in florida and i got to see them a while back at will's pub in orlando. they were absolutely incredible. i was a fan of the music for a while and nearly died when i saw they were playing near by. any other big baptist general fans on here? or does everyone just love everything sub pop does?
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Rosie Posie [11 Oct 2005|05:45pm]

Any of y'all pick up the new Rosie Thomas CD yet? If not, do so. Now. It is fantastic.
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[14 Sep 2005|11:53pm]

title or description
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[21 May 2005|02:19am]

if advertising isn't allowed, you can delete it, just looking for fellow julie doiron fans :)
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