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sub_pop's Journal

Subterranean Pop
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This is a community for fans of the music put out by the label Sub Pop. If you have no idea of the history of Sub Pop then I suggest you visit their Official History Website since I would probably take up way too much space writing about it.
I know there is another Sub Pop community but it seems to be based only loosely around the actual Sub Pop artists, and basically just about alternative/indie rock music. This one however is about exclusively anything Sub Pop-related, and anything to do with bands on the Sub Pop label. Please don't join just to talk about random alternative and grunge bands, there are ten billion communities out there for that, some good ones being -
aaron tuller, afghan whigs, arlo, beachwood sparks, beat happening, big chief, billy childish, blood circus, broken girl, bruce pavitt, cat butt, chappaquiddick skyline, chemistry set, chixdiggit, chris and carla, codeine, combustible edison, cosmic psychos, damien jurado, damon and naomi, david cross, davis thornetta, dwarves, earth, elevator through, elevator to hell, eric matthews, erics trip, five style, fluid, friends of dean martinez, gardener, girl trouble, gluecifer, godheadsilo, green magnet school, green river, grunge, grunge rock, hazel, heather duby, heroic doses, holopaw, hot hot heat, hype!, iron and wine, jale, jason loewenstein, jennie boddy, jeremy enigk, jon poneman, julie doiron, kinski, l7, les thugs, looper, love as laughter, love battery, mark lanegan, migala, mike ireland, mudhoney, nebula, nirvana, pernice brothers, peter buck, pigeonhead, pleasure forever, plexi, poison 13, pond, postal service, punk rock, radio birdman, red house painters, red red meat, rein sanction, rosie thomas, saint etienne, screaming life, screaming trees, scud mountain boys, seattle, seaweed, sebadoh, six finger satellite, soundgarden, sprinkler, steve fisk, steven jesse bernstein, sub pop, sub pop records, subpop.com, subterranean pop, sunny day real estate, supersnazz, swallow, tad, ten minute warning, terry lee hale, the 80s, the 90s, the baptist generals, the black halos, the blue rags, the catheters, the evil tambourines, the fastbacks, the go, the grifters, the grunge years, the hardship post, the hellacopters, the makers, the monkeywrench, the murder city devils, the nights and days, the rapture, the reverend horton heat, the rocket, the shins, the spinanes, the supersuckers, the thermals, the vaselines, the walkabouts, the yo-yos, thee headcoats, thrown ups, trembling blue stars, truly, ugly cassanova, velocity girl, vue, zen guerrilla, zumpano