thedarksun (thedarksun) wrote in sub_pop,

before the darkness falls

if you ask damien jurado, he'll tell you point blank that it's in the dark where you'll find us all. damien is an urban-folk singer storyteller, giving a steady balance of the saddest and darkest stories you've ever heard. its like eavesdropping on something that was never meant to be heard. its always best when its just him and the acoustic guitar. his voice is a theatrical instrument all in itself, a real natural depth mixed with tones of pure collectivity and beauty.

listen to this: amateur night


undercovered: what song did you listen to today over and over again?

wages of sin by damien jurado & rosie thomas

undercovered: what was it that got you?

xmusicisartx: the way their voices cried

i was running down that broken path
with the devil snapping at my heels
i tried so hard
so hard in every way
swore someday id grow up, just throw it all away

both living in seattle, rosie thomas and damien jurado made a duet of "wages of sin" for sub-pop's 2001 compilation badlands: a tribute to bruce springsteen. this song is quite simplistic in the sense that the two of them enjoy collaborating with each other, but after another listen, its hard to not notice each of their personalities sadly shining through and to feel what their giving -- magically it just works.

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